A long (overdue) skirt

long green skirt made from recycled tablecloth
long green skirt made from recycled tablecloth

Skirt up a tree! A very bare lilac tree, on a sunny winter’s day. It snowed on the morning that I took this, just a little bit, and the rest of the day was bright sunshine. Lovely.

The colour doesn’t show too brilliantly here, it’s actually a lovely green overdyed on top of a gorgeous swirly coral-like pattern. The translucent effect is what happens when you dye over an existing pattern, particularly on a polyester/cotton blend fabric. The dye doesn’t stick to the polyester, so you get a lovely textured effect. In its former life the fabric was a big circular Marks & Spencer tablecloth, and the ruffle is original.

I made it for Sarah of Rainbright Photography, as a very long overdue swap for the gorgeous photo shoot she did for me back in June. (Seven months! Oh dear. Sorry Sarah!)

I find it difficult to photograph skirts – even on the mannequin they look a bit sad because it’s the movement as you wear them that brings them to life. This one has pockets (of course!), and the waistband is elasticated at the back so it should be super comfy. With leggings or nice thick tights underneath, it will be nice and warm for the impending cold weather – not that winter is putting Sarah off from getting outside with her camera. If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see lots of gorgeous winter portraits, and there’s even a special package where you can book a set of photo shoots across all four seasons!

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