Made to order: women's reclaimed fabric bloomers

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These deliciously soft and comfortable bloomers are made with lovely soft reclaimed fabric. with an Iced Gems print. I have enough of this fabric to make just one pair!

They're trimmed with vintage nylon lace, made in Austria. The trim is available in a variety of different designs as shown in the photos - some with a pink or blue accent stitch.

The 2cm (3/4") encased elastic waist sits very high - no muffin tops or low rises here. The legs should finish just below your knees. I designed these originally to be worn with knee socks, so I didn't want my knees to get cold when I sat down! 

Women's bloomers are available in sizes from 6-8 to 28+. 
(Don't forget to check the size chart before you order.)

The sizes are very flexible as they're such a loose fit. The main thing is to make sure that the elastic will stretch easily over your hips, and won't be too tight around your waist.