Aromatherapy diffuser pendant: Black & hematite ankh

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This handmade black wool felt pendant features a large and a small black felt bead. These are complemented by two hematite beads, one 8mm and one 4mm. Hanging below is a hematine ankh. 
The two hematite beads are magnetic, the ankh is not.

The beads are strung on heavy tigertail thread.
All of the findings are sterling silver. A 20" (50cm) silver chain is included. 

All you need to do is place one drop of essential oil onto the felt ball, pop your necklace on, and smell beautiful all day!

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Small Print:
I have endeavoured to show the colours as accurately as possible, but all computer screens have their limitations. If colour matching is important to you, please contact me, and I can provide additional photos.

Essential Oils:
You only need to add ONE DROP of essential oil to your pendant! This will last all day, maybe longer. Use more, and you'll just give yourself a headache and waste your precious oils. 

Please make sure you are using pure essential oils, not blended ones. If they're in a base of carrier oil, your lovely pendant will end up all sticky and horrible. The same goes for scented oils designed for oil burners. They're no good at all for your lovely felt pendant! Even pure essential oils may leave visible marks on your pendant, particularly the more viscous ones.

Please don't allow essential oils to come into contact with your skin. Some of them can cause burns, or allergic reactions.

If you don't have any essential oils, you can use your favourite perfume! However, spraying perfume onto the sterling silver components may cause them to tarnish, so do try and aim for the felt bead!