Miss Mouse & Friends

Who on earth are Miss Mouse and her friends?

In July 2015 I made Miss Mouse, a 30″ tall art doll made from tea-dyed silk. Miss Mouse loves to have her photo taken, and to give you little insights into her everyday life. The only money she has is a giant chocolate Half Penny, and she doesn’t understand that she can’t buy all the things she needs with that coin – even if it is really big!

As a result, Miss Mouse has her own website – a Patreon account, where you can sponsor her from as little as $1 per month.

Every penny that you share with us goes towards taking better photos, buying new props, paying for design & animation software, and expanding Miss Mouse’s world. In return, we’ll share that world with you!

What we share will depend entirely on what level of support we’re able to achieve. There will always be photos though, as that’s what Miss Mouse likes best. Her daily snapshots are shared on Instagram and Facebook, as well as on Patreon.

Keeping Miss Mouse company are an increasingly eclectic crowd of small felt animals, known as the Woodland Gang. They love to share photos of their adventures, and they’re the first to laugh when something they try to do doesn’t go quite to plan!

There are seven different levels of sponsorship available, ranging from $1 to $35 per month. Each level has a range of Rewards, from digital magazines and printed artwork, all the way up to Miss Mouse-sized dolls.