Lovely Links

I like to share the love, and I believe in transparency – I want you to be able to trust that I’m working with the nicest people and the kindest materials. So here’s a list of my suppliers (both business and personal), plus some other lovely folks that I think you should know about. This page is always a work in progress, so please let me know if you think I’ve missed anybody out!

Organic Textile Company 
For organic cottons and ethically produced fabrics, based in Wales with a brilliant sense of humour. 

The African Fabric Shop 
Every different type of African fabric you could possible imagine, personally selected by Magie and Bob. They also search out fabulous baskets, beads and buttons directly from their manufacturers, all on a fair trade basis.

Lancaster & Cornish 
Extremely luxurious organic cotton lace, and botanically-dyed ribbons.

Cloud Craft
Beautifully high quality wool felt for crafting, plus all the accessories you’ll ever need.

Christine Walsh
Fabulously detailed silversmithing and gorgeous gemstones. I wear a piece of her jewellery every day.

Maia Rainwood Designs
Formerly known as Honey & Ollie, Maia Rainwood makes the most fantastically beautiful hand forged jewellery in fire, metal and stone.

Cozy Memories
Hand stitched and botanically dyed loveliness from France. Scarves, pouches, homewares and jewellery made with great gentleness.

Baba Studio
Home of the Alice Tarot, and all manner of beautifully designed bohemian lovelieness that you can’t possibly live without. One day a printed silk scarf (or three) and a corset (or two) will be mine. And all the cushions.

Rainbright Photography
Sarah captures the inquisitive, playful and creative nature of children, in the great outdoors. Her most-used props are flowers, leaves and puddles, and the resulting photographs are simply beautiful. She also took my favourite photograph of Miss Mouse and I working hard in our studio!

Uniquely quirky handmade leather shoes. And purses, and handbags, and belts. (My collection’s starting to get a bit silly now, but I’m certain Ren doesn’t mind!)

Conker Shoes
Ridiculously comfortable handmade shoes and boots from lovely Totnes. Email them for a catalogue, they can do so much more than their website suggests!

Monkee Genes
Organic cotton & fairly-traded jeans & chinos. Simply put: “organic jeans made by people who care”.

Somerset Yarns
Hand dyed yarns in the most fantastically cheerful colours. I turn mine into rainbow-coloured socks that sparkle!

Harris Tweed Hebrides
What can I say? The most delicious tweed, dyed and woven in the Outer Hebrides. Just gorgeous.
They’re in charge of Miss Mouse’s Magazine, and anything else that she decides to design and print. So far that’s included paper dolls to colour in, a little book about flowers, and a miniature portrait – and they’ve all been beautifully produced.