Tiny little paper & wool felt nest & eggs

  • £11.50

Tiny little paper and wool felt nest & eggs, the perfect miniature essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. Ideal when you can't light a candle!

All you need to do is place a single drop of essential oil onto the felt inside the nest, and enjoy the beautiful smell all day.

This delicate little decoration would be an ideal way to discreetly enjoy your favourite fragrance all day at work, without needing to light a candle or intrude into your colleagues' space. Alternatively you could pop one by your bedside, with a lovely calming oil.

The nest measures approximately one inch across and half an inch high - each one is created and painted by hand, and will be slightly different from the one pictured. Each nest contains three tiny round blue glass "eggs", measuring about 4mm in diameter.

Each nest comes carefully wrapped in tissue paper, nestled inside a recycled paper box.

(You really do only need one drop of essential oil - any more and you'll wet the paper nest, waste your precious oils, and give yourself a headache. Please don't do that!)