Weld hand dyed organic cotton scarf

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Miss Mouse has beeen doing some experiments with the tea urn lately, which has resulted in a batch of lovely yellow organic cotton scarves!

They measure just over 170cm long (not including the tassels) by 35cm wide, and have a lovely soft crinkly finish. You can iron them flat if you really want to, but where's the fun in that?! The scarves are a lightweight organic cotton, hand woven in India, and perfect for the summer.

The gorgeous daffodil-yellow colour is created from a plant called Weld, or "dyer's rocket". Weld is an ancient dye plant - there is evidence that it was used by the Vikings. Apparently it was also used to dye the robes of Vestal Virgins in Roman times, but Miss Mouse read that on the internet, so I can't guarantee it!

Miss Mouse's ghostly friend has chosen to style this scarf in a casual manner, layered simply over an organic cotton t-shirt that was also dyed with Weld. The scarf is long enough to wrap around the neck leaving the ends hanging loose. It's wide enough to wear loose over your shoulders in the summer, to protect you from the sun. If you wanted to be a little more inventive, you could easily wrap it around your head to make a fancy turban-style hat, or you could wear it as a wide layered belt over a long flowing skirt.

Please note that these scarves have been dyed by hand using natural materials, and some variation of colour will occur. The dye should not bleed onto your skin, as the scarves have been thoroughly washed, but some transfer may occur if you are wearing pale coloured clothes. The dye is not guaranteed light fast, and the colour will fade over time. You can wash your scarf in the machine at 30 degrees, but it would prefer a quick rinse out in cold water. Dry indoors to prevent fading. If you scrub at the scarf, patches of dye loss may occur. A chemical mordant called Alum was used to soak these scarves, in order to fix the dye to the fabric. They have been thoroughly rinsed, but I cannot guarantee that no traces remain. Please don't use this scarf to wrap food.