Upcycled elastic waist skirts

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eternal magpie up cycled dinosaur print skirt with pockets and elastic waist

If you've been following my adventures as eternal magpie for a long time, you might remember that a Very Long Time Ago I used to make a lot of novelty-print skirts with pockets, of course, and nice soft elastic waistbands. Sadly my local fabric store has stopped selling this pretty elastic, and the only replacement I could find was phenomenally expensive, so I decided to do a little stash-diving and to make some skirts with the elastic I had left. These are the results!

eternal magpie up cycled goldfish print skirt with pockets and elastic waist

I must admit I'm extremely tempted to keep this one. Each of these skirts is upcycled from one of my dresses, that I made and then either didn't wear at all, or just wore once or twice. I absolutely LOVE this fish print. All of the fish have their names written underneath their little fairground bags. I think my favourite is "Bjorn". (My fish were called Dave I, Dave II, Dave III, Bob, and Alice, so perhaps I'm not best qualified to be choosing appropriate names for fish...)

eternal magpie up cycled vintage style floral print skirt with pockets and elastic waist

I actually have quite a lot of this red elastic left - apparently red is a colour I don't sew with very much! So I was pleased to be able to use it on this Cath Kidston-esque floral print. The fabric itself is actually a very dark green, with pink and red roses. 

You might also remember that I used to have a tutorial for making a simple version of this skirt (without pockets, the horror!) up on my old blog. I was somewhat shocked to discover recently that people are still regularly linking to it and looking for it, and of course it isn't there any more! I think I still have all of the necessary photos, so at some point I'll put that back in the Tutorials section. The pocket-free version is such a nice easy make, I think it would be a great way to teach children how to sew. Even for adult sizes you only need about a metre and a half of fabric, so it's a great make for little pieces of much-loved cloth. 

These skirts are currently in the shop - the goldfish are a size 12-20, the dinosaurs are size 14-22, and the vintage-style floral is a size 20-28. (They're stretchy, of course, so the sizes are very flexible!)

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