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My supplier of South African printed fabrics is having a sale next weekend, which means I can offer you a pre-order for dresses in those fabrics with a £10 discount! You don't need a special code or anything - the prices on the site already reflect this special offer.

Did You Know? 
Originally, Shwe Shwe fabric was woven in India and printed primarily in England (Manchester) and Germany for export to South Africa. Today, it is made exclusively in South Africa by Da Gama Textiles. The patterns on the cloth are made by acid etching the fabric (known as the "discharge method") using huge copper rollers. Traditionally always indigo blue, there is now a huge choice of modern colours available! 

Some people associate the name ‘Shwe Shwe’ with the rustling of this heavily-starched fabric. Others say it was named after a King called Moshoeshoe, who was given some of this cloth by French missionaries in the 1840s.

Although the fabric is heavily stiffened with starch to prepare it for printing, each piece will be pre-washed before I transform it into your dress. This washes out most of the starch, and some of the excess dye. Each time the fabric is washed it will become a little softer and a little more faded, just like a favourite pair of jeans. Because of this, I'd advise washing these dresses with a "colour catcher" sheet, or with similar-coloured clothes, at least for the first few washes. 
I'll be placing my fabric order on June 10th, so have a look at the pre-order section this week, to see which of the fabulously intricate designs takes your fancy! 

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