Executive Decision: Organics Only.

Posted by Claire Smith on

eternal magpie South African Shwe Shwe print fabrics

I know they've only been in the shop for about five minutes, but I've made the decision to discontinue a few of my Made To Order fabrics already.

Like my eponymous magpie, I am very easily distracted by Shiny Things, especially lovely fabrics. But, the whole point of this adventure was for these dresses to be made as ethically as possible, and for me that means organic cottons. I know there are many different ways of ethical dressmaking, but this is the one I've chosen. So, anything that isn't organic (like the beautiful South African Shwe Shwe fabric) has got to go. 

Some of my non-organic fabrics are part of my not-inconsiderable stash, so I'll use those up, and when they're gone they won't be replaced.

These metallic gold and silver cotton lawns are now down to limited stocks, and I'll be placing my last order for them on Friday 28th July.

If you really want a silver or gold dress but need to save up for a little bit longer, I'm happy to take reservations or payment by instalments - but you'll need to let me know before the 28th, so I can buy the fabric for you!


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