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Fresh from the bird bath.

Here’s another bird picture, by way of an apology for my lack of posting. I seem to have been super busy lately, and I’ll have loads of new plans to tell you about very soon. In the meantime, my baby blackbird is growing up! Here he is, fresh from the bird bath.

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Fluffy Finch.

I’ve been trying to catch a snapshot of a pair of goldfinches for ages, but they never seem to sit still for long enough. This afternoon I established my position as bird paparazzo extraordinaire when I saw this little fellow on the fence, grabbed the camera, spun around and caught him just seconds before he […]

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Early Bird.

Being based out in the garden, I’ve noticed that first thing in the morning is a really great time for birdwatching. The weather’s much cooler, especially at the moment, it’s nice and quiet, and there aren’t too many people around. This young fellow was sitting on my fence for ages, happily singing away. I’ve labelled […]

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At the risk of sounding like a miserable old so-and-so, I am really not enjoying this heatwave! My Shed is like a sauna, and switching on the fan only serves to move the too-hot air around a bit. I went outside to stand in a shady spot in the garden, and caught sight of these […]

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Strange bird behaviour?

Red Kites are pretty common where I live. Thanks to their reintroduction into the area around the M40, I see them circling above my neighbourhood every day. I’ve seen the kites being mobbed by gangs of crows before now – especially at the time of year when there are eggs and chicks for the crows […]

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Apparently I now have some kind of Pavlovian reaction to the sound of tweeting. Every time I hear a bird, I grab the camera. This one was snapped through the window, with the 200mm lens. (Hence the distance and the graininess.) Still cute though! It’s a baby Great Tit. They fledged last week, in the […]

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Getting rid of the spiders.

Apparently it’s spider season. One of the hazards of working in a wooden building at the bottom of the garden is that spiders like to share that building with you. I’m not the biggest fan of spiders, so I was very glad to spot this magpie taking care of one for me!

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By popular demand – birds!

Well, I asked for feedback on yesterday’s flower photos… and the feedback I received was “where are the birds?”. So, by popular demand, I now have some photos of birds for sale on Etsy!

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Unexpected gardening.

I had been planning to work on a new dress today, but a slight difficulty with an incredible shrinking lining swiftly followed by an unexpected power cut sadly put paid to those plans! While the power was out, I did something which I’ve been putting off for ages, and tackled the garden. I spent a […]

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